Zip World is a fond addition to North Wales tourism, and a world first in many respects. Earning international acclaim, (and bringing this acclaim to the North Wales area!) Zip World is a truly exciting attraction which brings in tourism for the whole of the North Wales area, from the novel idea of making the experience in historic, but no longer used, Welsh landmarks is absolutely inspired.

Zip World is something which is well and truly unique, and we’re certain the uniqueness (as well as the fun!) of ascending a gigantic zip wire and hurtling down it at incredible speeds has indeed provided many a story for many of our visitors to relay to friends and family when they’re home.

We’re gigantic fans of every single attraction to bear the Zip World name – most of all Velocity (and Velocity 2!), as it is night next to our beautiful holiday park.



Zip World Velocity (And Velocity 2)

The behemoth which compromises the Zip World brand is something which takes on multiple rides and multiple attractions, but of them all, we’re huge fans of Zip World Velocity and, as of 2018, Velocity 2. The attraction is easily the most high-adrenaline activity possible in North Wales, and in our mind, it’s even more of a rush than something such as skydiving or bungee jumping. It’s easy to see why. Zip World Velocity is the fastest zip line in the entire world, with zippers hurtling (entirely safely!) well in excess of 100mph.

Cited as the nearest thing to flying, it’s also the longest zip in the whole of Europe. But for those who perhaps just started hyperventilating at the thought, you’re not just thrown down a zip line. Zippers are invited to go on the Little Zipper first – in the aim of building confidence. (The more fearless among us may choose to wayside it entirely, but the choice is always appreciated!)

After the Little Zipper and when you’re ready, you’ll be taken up the quarry on the Zip World branded red trucks, enjoying an explanation of this historic quarry and what it took from the North Wales region in the bygone days of the slate mining industry. You’ll be hard pressed to not take in the stunning views on the journey, affording vision out toward the nearby Anglesey and also the Isle of Man, should the weather afford a clear view! (Keep an eye out for our beautiful holiday park. You won’t miss it, as we’re right next to the quarry.)

After the ride is over, Zip World’s professional staff will gear you up, perform some final safety checks and you’re off – hurtling down the Big Zipper over the quarry lake and Ogwen Bank. (Wave to the neighbours!)

There’s nothing quite like Zip World Velocity, and we’re quite sure you’ll agree.

Zip World Titan

zip world titan

Moor. Mountain. Sky. We’re fond of all three, and North Wales has all three in abundance. Part of the behemoth that is the Zip World series of attractions within North Wales, Zip World Titan reigns supreme as the first (and only) 4-person zip line in Europe – as well as the longest zip zone in the world. Perhaps you’re a fan of Zip World Velocity but want the terror to be a group event? Zip World Titan has you covered. Even better, it’s at the Bethesda site which means that getting to and from Ogwen Bank is a doddle.

The Ultimate group zipping experience, Zip World Titan offers up to four people the same kind of exhilaration that Velocity offers, though from a seated position. You’re afforded spectacular views over the valleys as you and your friends or family co-zip, ensuring an experience that will last in the memories of your co-zippers for quite some time. There’s a total of three wires for each rider (Alfa, Bravo and Charlie) with a short walk in-between them.

Zip World is both professionally run and very safe – the more cautious among us when it comes to life and limb will be happy to hear that the activity of throwing yourself off a very high quarry is indeed very safe – you’re given a full safety demonstration by Zip World’s fully qualified and specially trained friendly and well-organised staff. You’re also locked onto the wire by staff members, with other members of staff checking each other’s work as standard.

If you’re after an experience of zip lining across the North Wales area, leaving you exhausted, exhilarated, and blown away- then Zip World is for you. Just be sure to book soon! As it’s very nature, Zip World Titan, as well as Velocity, is indeed weather dependant, which means that it’s on a time limit until the winter time when it is scheduled to close until next year.


Bounce Below

bounce below

Once you’re done with the zip lines, why not try an experience underneath the ground? The major plus about this attraction is that come rain or shine, the caverns are open for your enjoyment. Cited as remarkable, truly exhilarating and atmospheric, Zip World Caverns in Blaenau Ffestiniog is an attraction built from a disused Welsh mine which had been inaccessible for very nearly 200 years. The Underground caverns have since been opened up and re purposed in a truly spectacular fashion as the Penrhyn Quarry right next to Ogwen Bank, and turned into your very own playground.

Take a journey to remember underneath the ground at Zip World Caverns, and enjoy a wealth of exhilaration that’s certainly hard to replicate. The cavern’s atmospheric underground has been taken from its humble mining origins in style – and you are invited to traverse rope bridges, via ferrata and even squeeze through tunnels.

Please keep in mind that safety is paramount. It is for that reason that Zip World enforce a maximum participant weight of 120kg, and a minimum of 30kgs. Furthermore, there is a minimum participant height of 1.2 metres and budding explorers must be over 10 years old and capable of reaching 1.8 metres while standing. Should you meet the above criteria, you will be supplied with a helmet and protective gloves.

After being kitted up in protective gear, you’ll need to complete a training course using Zip World’s specialised Lanyard safety system before setting off on your grand adventure underground. For those that might struggle with enclosed spaces or environments, Zip World’s friendly, specialised team of climbing experts are always at hand to assist anyone that might simply be having a case of the jitters, or perhaps something else.

All-in-all, we walked away from our Zip World Caverns experience exhilarated (and exhausted!) and quite sure that there’s nothing quite like it in the whole of Wales, or even the UK. Why not give it a try?