Camping Pods For Hire

The Swift S-Pod at Ogwen Bank

Ogwen Bank are proud to introduce our Swift S-Pods– The latest and greatest glamping in Snowdonia experience – Capable of holding 2 people for an excellent time away from home.

The Swift S-Pod are one of the latest to join the glamping scene and they will take your camping experience to a whole new level.

Glamping, or glamorous camping to the uninformed, has fast become one of the most popular holiday experiences around. It combines all the joys of being close to nature in stunning landscapes with the luxury and modern facilities of a top holiday home.

Snowdonia is one of the UK’s best destinations for the glamping craze and it is easy to see why with our expansive countryside, areas of outstanding natural beauties and abundant native wildlife.

They are gorgeous, stylish camping pods which are highly compact. The easy to use the drop down bed is perfect for couples and close friends looking to spend a long weekend or mid-week break exploring everything North Wales has to offer.

These adorable camping pods have their shower room and kitchen and even a cosy lounge area for relaxing after a long day exploring the great outdoors.

The Swift S-Pods are highly popular with walkers and thrill seekers looking to take advantage of our incredible nearby attractions including Snowdonia National Park and Zip World!


The Carabuild Escape at Ogwen Bank

We have just had delivery of this new and exciting unit.
This New Escape will sleep 2 people in pure luxury. An ideal sleepover unit with a modern twist.

The Carabuild Escape is the latest and the greatest offering from Carabuild Leisure Homes – who have made a name for themselves with the quality and superior design of their builds, as well as the usage of premium materials, and their overall attention to detail when it comes to providing products to the very highest of standards both in terms of practicality and aesthetic.