Zip World Snowdonia

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From March 16th 2013, visitors to the Penrhyn Quarry (Britain’s largest slate quarry) will be able to have a go on the brand new one-mile-long zip wire. While the main attraction may seem to be the zip wire, visitors will also get the chance to experience a guided tour of the quarry in a former military vehicle. Those making the trip to experience this exceptional attraction can find Holiday Parks North Wales located within the immediate area.

Those who wish to have a go on the zip wire will be embracing the second longest zip wire in the world, second only to one found in South Africa, making Snowdonia’s Zip Wire the longest in the Northern Hemisphere. Speeds up to 75mph travelling 700ft above the mountain lake will mean you need to get ready for the ride of a lifetime!
Mr Taylor, the man in charge of the project said “the zip line will be spectacular; riders will be in a horizontal position on a hang gliding harness, travelling up to speed of 75-80mph. It is an amazing location; on a clear day you will be able to see the Isle of Man and the whole of Anglesey!”

At Zip World Snowdonia, you can expect an adventure experience that lasts 2-3 hours. Participants will be supplied with a flying suit to wear that is wind and shower proof. Helmets and goggles will be supplied, but it is now essential to bring warm clothing and waterproof coat. Walking boots are considered to be the ideal type of footwear.

The zip line experience is situated on the Penrhyn quarry among the Welsh mountains. For more than 200 years, workmen have laboured to extract Welsh slate, which at one point employed 2000 men. Today, machinery replaces all but 200 men, but the quarry is still exporting slate to other areas of the world. The tour incorporated with the package at Zip World will go into detail whilst showing off the quarry and its caverns.

A huge new attraction to North Wales, the zip line hopes to help bring more visitors into the area, helping to create more jobs, and feed the local economy. Ogwen Bank Holiday Park North Wales is located just minutes from the brand new attraction, meaning you could not be better placed.